Xitilon's tracks

Used software:

Music track editors Audio wave stream (mostly PCM in RIFF) editors
SA = Casio SA-1 (&post-FX with Sample Wrench XE)
MPT = ModPlugTracker/OpenMPT (for VSTs)
RB = ReBirth RB-338
Cau = Caustic 3
FT = FamiTracker v0.36 and later
WHAM = WaveForm Hold and Modify
SWXE = Sample Wrench XE (used with Casio SA-1 tracks only)
DXMA = DirectX Media Audio Effects
GW = GoldWave


Some of the tracks are intended to be looped seamlessly.
Some of the tracks are not intended to be played as one single track.
Some of the tracks (especially the old ones) include weird panning, volume, pitch and timbre experiments, sound manipulations that have nothing to do with melody or music at all, are harsh, not properly mastered, creepy as hell (I think I can even get an Official certificate for that), or any combination of the mentioned; despite everything of this, I will certainly not remove them, because this will show the true history of my progress (not sure whether this word fits here, because what was considered retarded a century ago may turn out to be something brilliant), and art is nothing without experiments. Anyway, there are no intended screamers in the tracks, at least if someone didn't mess with the files.
MP3 versions of tracks used in my earliest works were converted with MPT's default codec that had obviously low fidelity. They are provided where OGG versions are unavailable and the hi-fi source was lost.
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